Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Orleans

In the bend of the river we sat.



A languid symphony.

Come and stay.

Sweat and moan.

Delirious worship of the sordid.

Hot grease, sweet music, mother love.


Now a new woman comes to the temple.

She been here befo’,

‘dis time she mean bid’ness.

From half a world away,

from a whisper to a scream,

from a ripple to a wave.


Mean seas boil and flood,

black skies heave and blow.

The one two of wind and water.

She rages past and then,

stalking, she turns

like a hit man, and puts a knife in the back,

through the soul

of the Big Easy.


A castaway on a makeshift raft.

Tattered, baking, bloated.

Pleading with no one for help that will never come.

Quiet sweating death beneath her cruel white sun.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Is it Just Me?

...or do the most mentally crippled people reside in marketing departments around the world? I don't mean to suggest that ALL marketing folk are numbskulls. My good friend Big Bad Bob over at 4INFO...good man...good marketing man. But you have to admit, that going back to the days of marketing the Chevy Nova in spanish-speaking countries, there have been some marketing doozies. The latest came during Super Bowl XL, when not only Pepsi, but P. DIDDY decided it was a great idea to have Jay Mohr, of Jerry Maguire fame, pitch his "client" - Diet Pepsi - to Diddy for a creative collaboration. Cute so far, yes? Here's where it all breaks down...the website referenced in the ad, where you can see clips, the ad, Diddy, Mohr: it just me? Is Diet Pepsi supposed to be "brown and bubbly"? Or are we talking about P.Diddy? (He does seem to possess a certain effervecent quality.)

Bottom line: does anyone leave thinking "gimme a diet pepsi?" I guess they were going for "if I don't get a DP soon, I'm gonna sh*t!"